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Our Soak Tanks are  the simplest, most Effective ,and Efficient way to Remove the Fat, Oil and Grease from all  Your Cooking Equipment  KINGS OF CARBON..................THE CARBON REMOVAL SPECIALISTS
Don't Scrub It , Just Soak It....

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  • Remove stubborn carbon, fat and baked on grease from most cookware
  • Cleans stainless steel, chrome, iron and aluminium items
  • Assist in removing crockery stains and cleaning fine metals.
  • Clean hotplates and grills more efficiently.
  • Will not corrode or damage the underlying metal.
  • Use amazing new cleaning detergents.
  • Save on costs and clean your own vent hood exhaust filters in minutes.
  • Meaningful savings on power and hot water overheads
  • Eliminate kitchen wash-up times.
  • A wide range of tanks sizes available
  • New and used tanks available
  • Tank leasing and service program provided
  • Widely used by better hotels, clubs, restaurants and bakeries


Kitchen Soak Tanks Reduce Staffing Costs US $2000 – US $6,000 Per Year!

Soak Tanks reduce operating overheads by eliminating all scrubbing to remove carbon and grease build ups on everyday cook ware. If you can eliminate just one hour per day of staff time spent on cleaning cooking utensils, you could save in excess of $3,000 over the course of a single year. In reality most kitchens will presently waste 2 to 3 man hours per day in attempts to clean their cook wares. Your annual labour savings alone will more than pay for our soak tank.
Are There Water Savings? How About US $1,000 To US $2,500

Kitchen Soak Tanks come in several different sizes which are measured by the amount of water they hold. This water is replaced monthly. Think of the hot water savings here compared to water usage required in a three compartment sink. Typically a three compartment sink will use around 800 gallons (3,028 Litres) of water per day. With the cost of water averaging around US $2 per 1,000 gallons (AUD $3 per 1,000 litres) – it does not include water heating costs. With a Kitchen Soak Tank the extended use and associated costs of using your three compartment sink can be dramatically reduced.
Reduce Expenditures On Wash-up Chemicals & Degreasers

Kitchen Soak Tanks will minimize if not remove any necessity to continue using dangerous spray on caustic detergents and expensive degreasers. There are meaningful cost savings to be had by reducing these ongoing kitchen overheads. We believe savings of $500 plus are not unrealistic to expect here to clean your small wares.
Replacement Costs

Why discard heavily soiled cooking equipment such a pizza pans sheet pans and sauté pans etc. and purchase new items. Are you simply throwing good money down the drain? Why not just rejuvenate your small wares in the soak tank?

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