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As a fully owned Irish company we at Xcarbonator provide Heated Soak Tank and associated cleaning products to commercial kitchens in all sectors of the hospitality industry.

They are guaranteed to have your kitchen operating more efficiently and effectively than ever before, saving you time and money!

Contact us today to chat about your commercial kitchen cleaning requirements: 061 603703 | 086 6000077

Our Customers.

Our customers range from hotels, restaurants, bakeries, service canteens, hospitals and  Gastro pubs.
Based in Limerick, we are ideally located to supply our products and services to any part of Ireland.
High quality, unquestionable performance and the service we provide make Xcarbonator a partner able to resolve all your kitchen cleaning problems at any level.

Here For You.

At Xcarbonator we understand the pressures of a commercial kitchen and making your life easier is at the heart of what we do.

           Your Time Is Valuable, Don't Waste It Unnecessarily.

Xcarbonator  Heated Soak Tanks are now seen to be an essential piece of kit in any commercial kitchen. Once  staff took hours to scrub and scrape black carbon from those hard to clean kitchen utensils, with the Xcarbonator  Soak Tank you merely:                
1. Place Utensils in the Xcarbonator  Soak Tank    
2 .Wait the Recommended duration and   
3.  Remove From Tank When Cleaned    

      Simple !!    


Let OUR  Soak Tank Do the dirty work.

Xcarbonator Soak Tanks

A clean kitchen means safe and clean food. By ensuring that the food customers enjoy is safe for consumption, it greatly increases the chance of repeat business and recommendations through word of mouth. Our Decarboniser Heated Soak Tanks make it easy to clean your kitchen and are capable of blasting away the most stubborn burnt-on carbon and grease from equipment and utensils. 


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